Life Lessons

Burn, Baby, Burn

The soles of my feet scream with seering pain. Nothing else feels like this. It wakes me every night.  In the same moment, I feel it on my forearms: glasslike tingling from wrist to elbow, turning into sharp, radiant heat.

Then it surges from my lower back, around my ribs, and up my torso.

Before I know it, the bed is a furnace I must escape. I’m shedding sheets and blankets as fast as I can. I throw back the covers, go to the bathroom just to stand on the cold tiles  and hope the bed will be have cooled sufficiently by the time I return.

Night sweats. Hot flashes. Power surges.  They say men have a form of menopause as well. I’ll believe it when you tell me you burn in bed.

Life Lesson #5: Old age is not for sissies.


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