Life Lessons

When in Doubt, Go Left


Getting lost comes with getting about – it’s going to happen, unless you never get out of bed. Which, by the way, isn’t an option.

And getting lost isn’t such a bad thing. Sometimes it can be inconvenient, maybe make you late or anxious, but all things considered, it really isn’t much of a hardship.

Being at a loss is another thing entirely. That’s paralysis. That’s the inertia of not knowing what to say, or do, or think. I don’t like the feeling, so early on I adopted a default strategy: when in doubt, I go left. I find it works as well for politics as for navigation.

The point isn’t to perpetuate my liberal bias, but to have a way forward you think you can count on. Something that lets you get unstuck, that puts you back in motion.

Something that lets you lose yourself in ways you chose rather than those you don’t.

Life Lesson #4: It matters less that you have a plan than that you have a strategy.


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