Nugget #1

Preemptive Disclaimer: This is coming to you as #1 simply because something has to be first, not because I think it is most meaningful, important or worthy. It’s good, but it’s not that good. Sometimes an ordinal is just an ordinal.

As a little girl and diminutive child, I was always fond of the expression good things come in small packages. I loved the promise of something being more than what meets the eye; more than its size seemed to connote. More recently, I’ve been appreciating the tremendous potential of very small actions to have very large impacts.  I don’t mean the much-ballyhooed butterfly effect. I’m thinking more along the lines of Stephen Guise and his  mini habits.

Nuggets. Kernels, Morsels. Pearls. Whatever we call them, these little gems can show up in the most unlikely places.  They can fly past. You have to keep your eyes and ears open. The art is in catching them as they go by, then stringing them together in your own way, making something beautiful or interesting or simply useful.

I’ve been watching for these stray gifts more and more. I cup them in my palms, put them in my pockets for future use. Since I remember everything better if I keep notes, I’m hereby creating a record of my quarry. A Nugget Necklace, if you will. My Little Ideas That Could. Here’s one that caught my eye recently:

Have fruit or vegetables every time you eat.  I love this for so many reasons: so simple, so actionable — and so much more powerful than it seems at first blush.  Of course I include fruits and veggies at meals. (I get to feel virtuous and a step-ahead already.) And then I think about the impact this could have on my in-between eating. I wonder: if every snack or bite on the go always included –or just was — fruit or veggies, how different would my intake be? As a step toward overall health and well-being this could be huge, even for someone with fairly good eating habits already.

My inspiration?  Presentation by Center for the Advancement of Well-Being  at George Mason University

Got nuggets?


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