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Coming Soon: Your Funland Type and Temperament Profile

What’s your type?  Myers-Briggs? (INTJ) DISC Profile? (C) Fascination Advantage? (Archer)

Frankly, I think the world needs a new theory of personality type and temperament, one based on people’s favorite games at Funland, the classic family entertainment Mecca of Rehoboth Beach.

I’m working on it.

There are so many games to choose from, so many quarters to be spent.  People clearly have their favorites. I’m just curious why….

Skeeball: you, your nine balls and the lane. A game of skill, arguably influenced by lane selection and general ambient distraction. Prizes vary by score and you can trade up.

Pony Races: you and as many as 11 others, casting balls in holes, racing against time and one another. A game combining skill, competition and luck. Guaranteed prizes, size depends on the number of contestants.

Wacky Gator: just you and the gators. A game of focus and speed. Small ticket yield – you don’t play this one for the prizes.

I’m a Wacky Gator girl. I become completely absorbed in the task at hand, whaling away on those chomping alligators as they emerge from their hiding places. I have long maintained every workplace should have this game in the break room for recreation and stress relief.

Does this make me an aggressive co-worker intent of colleagues’ annihilation? (I hope not.)  Does it reflect a penchant for laser focus and comfort with working alone? (Maybe.)  Do I take unseemly satisfaction in often being the high-scorer of the day?  (Yup, ‘fraid so.)

The summer is young yet. I figure I have time to work on my theory. But if you come to Funland, just know: I am watching you….

p.s. Happy Mothers Day to anyone who is or has a Mom. It’s a day for all of us!


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