UnComfort Zone

My First Time: True Story, Told Live, No Notes

The anticipation was exquisite – and agonizing.  I had rehearsed it a hundred times in my head, imaging what I would say, how I would feel.

That night, I got a beer, hoping it would give me liquid courage. Two sips in I thought better of it, fearing nausea instead.

Then he flashed a gorgeous smile, said my name, extended his hand. I moved toward him…

There I was: the newbie, first up at the mic, center stage for The Moth’s Story Slam at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Lynn on Hair

Fun Facts:

  • I told no one I was doing this. As we walked into World Cafe Live, I confessed to R. I might put my name into the hat. I wasn’t really counting on being first.
  • After the fact, everyone who heard I had told a story about hair had the same reaction: “of course!”   After all, I have so many hair-related stories to tell. Most people didn’t see this one coming.
  • My dad is maybe the only person who knew the whole tale. He nodded thoughtfully when I told him about my adventure. “You were so serious in that conversation,” he recalled. “You really wanted to think about what I was saying to you…  And, yeah, that kid was trouble.”

I would totally do this again. The vibe is terrific. The stories, some combination of charming, funny, moving and brave. And if you aren’t already a fan of The Moth, get thee to a pod cast or NPR.


12 thoughts on “My First Time: True Story, Told Live, No Notes

  1. I love hearing about your new adventures. You are inspiring. Go girl.

    To reread my favorite spiritual books as I sit in my comfy recliner looking out at my green, and currently soaking wet, backyard of 20 years, all is well; comfortable and peaceful. I am not knocking the joy of this experience; however, I do so love Change. Tasting something new, going somewhere I have never been, meeting and chatting with someone I will not ever see again, moving through the unknown with a curious grin. That, my friend, feels like livin’

    Oh my I think just made a poem – ha


  2. Oh, Lynn,! Look at you! I didn’t see the video in my emailed copy earlier, I
    Happy to get to see and hear you tell a story. You did a great job, I am not pulling your leg 🙂 and I will never pull your hair.


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