We Are Family

familyOf origin. Nuclear. Extended. Intentional. You name it, I’ve been soaking up a lot of “family” lately. Affirming affections, reflexive reminiscing, reinforcing familiarity — the rituals of family reunion are strong.

I never thought about the fact that family and familiar obviously share etymology. Of course they would. Yet even with common DNA, can we realistically have any expectation of familiarity with people we see infrequently or engage sporadically?

Basking in the joy and love and fun of recent days, I am reminded that family takes intention and outlay.

I am glad to have made efforts, grateful for others having done so as well.


illustration by Joseph Boggs Beale, kindness of American Magic-Lantern Theater


2 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. I’m looking forward to much “reflexive reminiscing” at our Cape May reunion in 2 weeks! Thanks for a great phrase 🙂


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