Much will be written about fatherhood today. Facebook will be awash in charming snapshots of the “best father ever.”  I’ll just pile on.

Writing from Rehoboth, I am drawn to the photo of our first visit here.  We’d just come from an enormous family reunion. One son had been very ill, hospitalized  for several days,  just a few weeks earlier. We were a bit ragged and travel weary. Finally settled into the garage apartment I had found for us, we made our way to the beach.  It was late. The life guards were gone, the sands relatively empty. The water soft and calm.

D. cradled two little hands and led the boys to the lapping water’s edge. Led them to the brink of an unfathomable sea. Led them into newness and adventure and years of family rituals and rites of passage.

That image is, to me, the epitome of fatherhood: taking hold of a small life and its even smaller hand; modeling curiosity, courage, conviction, caring;  love and awe.



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