SAM_1911 What a week! My Facebook feed goes to rainbow and Confederate flags disappear from shelves. A little giddy and incredulous, we begin to contemplate a new paradigm. I find myself thinking: what’s next?

Not that bigotry is vanquished or that there isn’t much still a whole lot to do on these fronts. (Would that were so.) But, still, something is fundamentally different this week from last. Importantly different.

Today, in the wake of a remarkable Supreme Court decision, it is easy to say “Finally!” but, in fact, it wasn’t very long ago that a same-sex marriage equality decision was almost inconceivable, utterly unimaginable to most of us, whether we supported it or not.

So, I ask myself: what’s next? What is the next sea change? Under what current reality do we now labor that will someday seem heinously  Neanderthal? A friend remarked the SCOTUS decision makes him feel oddly old, like our grandparents, ringside for monumental social, political and technological transformation that once seemed unimaginable. I know what he means.

Contemplating what else might transpire is dizzying – and revealing. What’s your short list of what could or should be overhauled? An American ban on guns? Global attention to climate change? Total reproductive self-determination? The end of tribalism? Where we go with our ideas on change says a lot about how we regard the here and now.

This week, despite the hate and the ignorance and the work still to be done, love triumphed. Romantic love, humane love. Dignity.  Love won. Love won because people were determined it would. That gives me tremendous hope.

Where to?


3 thoughts on “#lovewins #whatsnext

  1. Respect and care for our animal cousins. I hope. Much good could be done for ourselves, for sentient creatures, and for the climate if meat became a rare part of our diet.


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