If you’ve not already listened to Barack Obama’s eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, do it now.

The morning after we’ve celebrated our nation’s independence, Obama’s homage to our history, strength, failings and ultimate potential resonates. So much there, but one line — just a phrase, really — speaks to me in particular:

Justice arises from recognition.

Recognition, from the Latin recognitionem, “a reviewing, investigation, examination.” More than just being seen. Connoting some level of knowledge. An admission into consciousness and attention. A formal avowal of approval as in being recognized as a country.

We celebrate recognizing the idea of ourselves as a nation. We celebrate our independence and our concept of justice.  We celebrate with fireworks – a literal bursting forth, busting loose, sending light into darkness, simultaneously explosive and delightful. I watch the ‘works and feel hopeful.

Here’s to our collective and continuing pursuit of justice for all.


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