SAM_2179We did the fear thing; this week it was time for joy.

What would happen if we went looking for joy in our days?

Seems we’d find it.  In places large and small, mostly between the other stuff. Wonderful fragments and moments and visions and sounds and smells and feelings and thoughts – all nestled within the hustle, all there for the taking. If we so chose. With each sighting, the next was easier to spot, the day’s trajectory bent.

Saying “Good morning” to familiar but unknown faces. The feel of a favorite T-shirt. Shorts that fit, too. Birds playing tag over fields of silken corn. Bubbles floating by. Painting my toe nails a sparkly lilac. Spotting a pot of daisies in bloom. Genteel crowds dressed in summer finery for an evening performance. Music through an open window. 

Rain on the roof at night. A yellow toadstool’s spreading fluorescent cap. Dew on a spider’s web. Loons calling in the dark. Clouds sliding out of valleys and up mountains in the morning. Rich dark chocolate melting on my tongue. New cedar shingles. Old wooden beams. A rocking chair that fits just right. 

Poems that resonate. A story well told. Laughing with family. Laughing with friends. Iris at the water’s edge. The dull ache of muscles well-used. Singing really loud in the car. Waitresses with big hair and wide smiles. Quality time with a favorite octogenarian. Blueberries. 

Peach nectar dripping from lips. Artisans admiring their own craft. Building new friendships, one insight at a time. The smell of dinner under way.  Breeze in the trees, and the whistling it makes crossing my half empty beer bottle. A way-early red maple leaf. Kids splashing. 

Lying in bed late because I could. Old men, out and about in bright shirts, white socks and sandals.  Flowers blooming in improbable places. Slanted sunlight and long shadows book-ending the day.

Reflections, both literal and figurative.

Life Lesson #17: With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things. — William Wordsworth


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