Shooting Stars and Other Marvels of the Universe

I sat out one night to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Perhaps my timing was bad, or the ambient light too strong, but I didn’t manage to spot any falling stars.

At first I was disheartened. Then I was simply entranced with the sky in all its twinkling stillness.

Sometimes we go looking for exotic zebras and find “only” horses. We ought not be disappointed.

I heard an unfamiliar bird call and stepped on the deck to listen more closely.

I could not place the insistent sharp whistle, but above the trees two hawks circled. Do hawks whistle? They played on the currents, banking, gliding, gently twirling. Luxuriating in what was available.

In the mid-August late afternoon, the dappled shade is lovely, soothing; the sunnier side of the deck, parched and smelling of hot rubber door mats. A cold beer blurs the edges of what seem like endless possibilities. I ponder the art of living large by living small.


6 thoughts on “Shooting Stars and Other Marvels of the Universe

    1. Are you a long-time sky fan? When I was a kid we’d watch the meteor shower every summer. Just gorgeous, no matter how many shootings stars one actually saw!


      1. I love that the sky and all that we can see from here are both cool science as well as quite beautiful. Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to reading what moves you!


  1. Such a refreshing reminder to find peace and beauty where we “stumble” across it. Sometimes it arrives with fireworks, and sometimes the stillness bears its own awesome beauty.


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