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I Write Because…

Thanks for joining me for my first foray into Blogging 101 and Writing 101, daily exercises kindness of BloggingU.

With a nod to Descartes, I write because I am. I can’t really imagine a life in which I’m not telling my story in some form. Writing is just one way to do that.

I might even say writing is the best way to tell a story. Writing offers time and space for ideas to crystalize and grow. Writing forces ideas out of us, squeezing and pushing them out like babies in a birth canal. Writing lets us see our thinking for what it is, even if no one else ever does. Writing is a tangible product of our intangible inner selves.

For me, the great pleasure in writing is in the distillation of unformed ideas, the sorting of mental flotsam and jetsam, when disconnected dots become jeweled threads that weave together into something sturdy and pleasing.

I write because I think I’m good at it and because I know I can get better. I like the discipline of the exercise. I feel the power of my potential and the opportunity for growth.

Here, I write because I think the story I have to tell and my ruminations and reflections along the way may be useful to more than just myself. I find myself expressing thoughts and feelings that others say they have but can’t bring into focus. I feel fortunate and a little compelled to seize that opportunity.

I write because it feels good.


12 thoughts on “I Write Because…

      1. I don’t tend to share, let alone even know what I’m thinking (or feeling), but writing helps me sort it out and actually see what it is – and it helps to edit and refine it too. Regarding your specific question, I think seeing my mother with Alzheimer’s where she can’t even complete a thought or say what she’s trying to think.


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