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Finding My Way

clickI think of it as orienteering. I’m out here. I’ve got a map and a compass, but — honestly —  I’m not entirely sure where I am or which direction I am headed. Bit by bit, I get my bearings. Step by step, I make progress across unfamiliar ground. The journey is sometimes baffling, but never boring.

I’m liking the fresh air.

It’s a not a bad thing, this being a little lost. Not at all. I see new things, spend time in unfamiliar places. I am exposed — open — to new people, new environments, new rhythms. Lessons and insights come from what might once have seemed like unlikely places. I think: anyone, anywhere, anywhen. (What more need be said about a life that encourages you to make up new words and mess with temporal constraints?  Anywhen: you heard it here first!)

Yesterday, my Blogging101 assignment had me poking around the blogosphere and led me to sources of inspiration (Ordinary Adventures), motivation (Fit is a Feminist Issue), and stories of brave transformation (Mr Tookles). Each of them illuminated something about the terrain I am attempting to navigate, each put a pin in the map and gave me bearings. I am grateful to them all for staking their claim in the vastness of space, creating pathways and outposts for the rest of us.

These converging journeys excite me. They bring me back to places I wanted to be, expressing values that had — ironically — gotten lost when I thought I knew where I was. Like cairn on a mountainside and lighthouses along the shore, those values can guide me if I let them. If I look for them. So now I ask:

  1. How are you stronger?
  2. How have you empowered your mind?
  3. What are you grateful for?

The landscape comes clear, the journey enriched. Do I even need a map? Do you?


19 thoughts on “Finding My Way

  1. In my darkest hour a friend of mine told me to write each night what I’m grateful for. I think it’s such a powerful question. What are you grateful for. It just steers you away from negativity you can’t change and helps to celebrate what’s good. To get a bit of peace.

    No maps. ❤


    1. Thanks! Amazing what a moment’s reflection on gratitude can do for your day – and your journey. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back!


  2. Thanks Lynn 🙂

    How are you stronger?

    Compared to when?

    How have you empowered your mind?

    By getting detached from it. Meditation, prayer, renunciation and acceptance.

    What are you grateful for?

    Everything. Life.

    Anand 🙂


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