With my spiffy new iPod 8MP iSight camera with autofocus, ƒ/2.4 aperture, five-element lens, hybrid IR filter, auto image stabilization (saying this like I know what I mean…) burning a hole in my pocket, and inspired by a TED Talk and my own experience with 30-day challenges, I set out to take a photo a day for a month.

While I’d have liked to produce great art, that wasn’t really the point.

I did want to get used to the new camera — still a smartphone virgin, so this was all new-to-me — but mostly I wanted a way to go about my day seeing things with fresh eyes. The eyes of a visitor, noticing things that a “regular” overlooks. Something like being a tourist in my own town.

It worked.

Everywhere I went (which, as you may recall, was a lot of places of late), I was more attentive to what was around me. One day I was fixated on all the places red showed up. Another, I was fascinated by kitchen workers smoking outside service entrances. My fondness for foliage was happily indulged. A curious local tradition of placing decorative gourds and ghastly skeletons on doorsteps merited some documentation. I was reminded of the fun I had, and the lessons learned, capturing images in black and white a year ago.

I found myself enjoying street signs and busy bees. I noticed textures, quality of light, funny juxtapositions; the ordinary, the ugly, the repetitive, the ignored.  I was more present.

A picture a day kept indifference away.

Here is a sampling…


5 thoughts on “A Picture A Day Keeps [Something] Away

  1. Love the pic of autumn leaves that you lead off with. And welcome to the world of iphoneography … I assume your camera is quite similar to my iPhone which is the only camera I own. There is an app called “collect” that is perfect for collecting your photo a day. It certainly helps me stay motivated.


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