“We Need Your Light to Complete Our Constellation”

I am standing in the darkened theater, tears staining my cheeks, applauding wildly.

She is onstage, looking right at me. Her hands come to her mouth, as if in surprise, and then reach out in a gesture of what feels like genuine gratitude. Later, she says she didn’t expect it, not at all.

She had me at the first note.

Shannon Curtis went viral last spring with “I Know I Know”  and, in my former iteration, I would have known.

Now she’s out with “Constellation” whose message of appreciation and validation were, for me, even more moving, performed by one who sings like an angel and surely must live among the stars.

We need you

To shine the light that only you can shine.

It’s a dark night

And some lost soul

Is looking for a sign.

With your light,

You complete our constellation.

Shine on, Shannon. And thanks.


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