My Lucky Sevens

jackpot-slot-machineIn my quest to be my “fittest ever”  by the time I turn 55, a modicum of moderation seems in order. A nasty, or even nagging, injury could really derail this process, so I am trying to modulate — starting slow and regular.

The sad truth is that I’m in worse shape than I thought. I’ve got kinks where kinks ought not be. I’ve not got muscle where one might hope for it.  That old shoulder injury has gotten wonkier over time and, frankly, I’m lopsided. The contracture in my hands has weakened my grip; the legs are strong, but the lungs maybe less so. Everything is a good deal tighter than it once was – well, except for the stuff that is looser. This is all useful information, but sobering. For all its discomfort, the truth has galvanized my commitment to the goal. This is all to the good.

So I’m especially grateful for what I’ve come to call my Lucky Sevens, two virtual coaches that are regular components of my new regime.

The loveliest seven minutes of my workout routine comes early in the day, typically right after meditation, with “Seven Minutes of Magic Qi Gong”. The title’s hyperbole aside, this is pretty magical, if only for how quickly and soothingly the seven minutes pass. Just a nice way to ease into the day and get the proverbial juices flowing.

Often the toughest seven minutes, by contrast, come from the much-promoted (but not universally endorsed) Seven Minute Workout. Maybe it’s just that I’m a newbie and not in such hot shape for starters, but I can attest to the merits of this little investment. For sheer concentration of activity and getting the heart rate up, there’s nothing quite like it.

I’m still looking for a third to round out my set.  Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “My Lucky Sevens

  1. Whether you become your fittest ever or just much fitter than you were, I salute you for your efforts. I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s about time I tried getting into shape. I nearly said back into shape, but in my case that would be implying a golden age that never really existed.


    1. Yes, well, I am gong to try to find the joy in the journey since knowing if or when I hit the target destination will be uncertain at best! But never a bad idea to be (more) fit.

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  2. I am traveling the road with you! Sometimes I run on the beach (yay) sometimes on the treadmill and it feels like I am flying. I grin from ear to ear, it is heaven!

    But sometimes, my body just doesn’t want to show up, something starts hurting, an ankle or a knee, I used to stop exercising until I was healed and then try to go back at 100%. It was a cycle of injuries, with my RSD diagnosis a “small injury” could very painful and escalate until I had to have crutches. The greatest gift from the doc that gave me my RSD diagnosis was to “get back up and walk for 2 minutes. When you can walk those minutes without pain, walk for 3 minutes and keep doing it until you can run again.” And so it goes – and it is cool to know that you know what I mean.

    Getting back up is spiritual exercise and I am blessed for the experience every time. It is the Upside, I prefer though 🙂

    For me, the best thing ever was a few minutes each day (5 mins) strength building; with free weights or a universal system. I am not there right now though – so more than ever I support YOU 🙂 and so appreciate the encouragement. Go Lynn go!


  3. I so enjoy your posts Lynn! Fit for fifty-five has a nice ring to it. How many days away is that,…. Hmmm!

    On Thu, 12 Nov 2015 11:01:28 +0000, Listening to the Universe wrote:

    > > Lynn Borton posted: “In my quest to be my “fittest ever”  by the > time I turn 55, a modicum of moderation seems in order. A nasty, or > even nagging, injury could really derail this process, so I am trying > to modulate — starting slow and regular.The sad truth is that I’m > in”


    1. When I set the goal, it was about 6 months away – doable, but a stretch, which seemed just right. Lost a little ground in the last two weeks being an honored guest day after day, but will just have to make up for lost time! 🙂


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