Life Lessons, UnComfort Zone

Thinking About Frequencies

phont poleThe truth is, I spend most of my time among women – a function and artifact of American motherhood, I suppose. So it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to be in the distinct minority at a recent community information meeting.

All those ponytails? Sprouting from thinning male pates, not perky female ones. I had to laugh: I hadn’t thought about it, but of course that’s who would be there.

Still a tad giddy from the success of my LEAD Talk and wanting to hear more about the low frequency radio station soon to open in our community, I’d turned out for the information session with a vague fantasy about eventually putting together a radio program built around curiosity.

I was clearly the newbie in the room.

These guys were serious. They’d been DJs in college. They had recording equipment in their basements, maybe even their living rooms. They had opinions about FCC rulings, recent and historic.

They had their prepared program proposals at the ready.

And, yet, they were so gracious. They were delighted to have new people show up, thrilled to share what they knew, eager to encourage interest and involvement. I give them real props for this mark of true enthusiasts, that newcomers were welcomed and embraced, rather than regarded as just more competition to be crushed.

I never really thought about radio before, but now I’m checking my calendar to book basic studio training, and supplemental audio recording skills after that. It’s fun to be contemplating yet another learning curve on the winding river of this new life.

Life Lesson #28: You never know where life will take you – especially if you let it.

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