Life Lessons

Aging, It Beats the Alternative

The new year has me thinking about the passage of time.

Today I ran into T. & C. on the park trails. They were enjoying the sunny end of the holiday with their three kids. Last time I saw them, they had only two kids; now the youngest is nearly two, the eldest seven. Watching them explore, we shook our heads, murmuring, “How did they get so old?”


A few weeks ago my son turned 25 – old enough to have a cool job in a hip city a long way from home. That morning we chatted briefly by phone as he packed for a day on the slopes. “I’m trying not to think about it,” he said with a sigh.


Last Sunday my mother-in-law got married. She’s 82. She was a giddy, radiant bride, delighted as much by her own excitement as the events themselves. Over champagne and cake we cheered, “You’re never too old!”


What’s “old” got to do with it?

When and how did aging become anathema? Something to be denied, regretted, hidden – or hidden from? Why are we so quick to devalue our accumulated experience and [potential] deepening wisdom?

Let’s be real, people. The alternative to getting old is getting dead.

You’re alive, ergo you’ve got options. Make the most of them.

Life Lesson #30: Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.





One thought on “Aging, It Beats the Alternative

  1. Amen!
    Last month we celebrated my mother-in-law turning 95 years young. She was the age i am now when I first met her, and what a magnificently lived 37 years she has modeled in all that time. I am energized, and a bit awed to think of what I might accomplish in my next 37 years.
    I am ready to grasp aging with gusto…albeit at the pace of my creaky knees.


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