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Curiosity Journal #1 – Gordon Pond

New year, new adventure! Today’s the first of what I hope will be a weekly learning experiment. Let me know what you think…

Back in November, before I disappeared to the far side of the planet and time warped into the holiday vortex, I got all excited about doing a radio show.

Since then, I’ve done some reading and the concept has evolved. I’m not clear that it’s a for sure thing, but it’s definitely a worth-thinking-about-thing. I’m contemplating a 30-minute program built around curiosity. I’d like to feature recent research, interviews, local curiosities and personal reflection.

What I really want to do is foster curiosity – mine and others’.

But enough with contemplation! If I really want to make a go of this, I need to make a start of it. I’m signing up for technical training, downloading apps, and trying my hand. All that reading needs application.

First up: an audio blog.

This effort precedes the aforementioned training and — reading notwithstanding — I’m flying pretty blind with new and rudimentary technology, but here you go: my very first segment.

Listen to Curiosity Journal #1 – Gordon Pond.

Insights: This was fun – and very instructive.

  • Writing for speaking is a different beast.
  • Speaking from writing is harder than you might think. So is clear diction.
  • Getting good technology and training from the right teachers will be invaluable.
  • I know enough to know where the problems are, but not yet enough to fix them effectively – yet.

Transcript: It’s a gorgeous December Sunday – sunny and really warm. The kind of day that makes you say things like “I love global warming!” even when you don’t really.

I’m walking around Gordon Pond, just a stone’s throw from the ocean and Rehoboth Beach. The air is fabulous. I love the soft. muted colors – golden greens and grays, the sky’s wintery blue, the wispy clouds. It’s so quiet — really, really quiet. In another few weeks it will be riotous with snow geese and wintering gulls. But today there are no birds and the ocean is calm. All I can hear is my own footsteps and the occasional rush of a bike approaching along the path.

For a long time, I didn’t come here. I heard it was swampy and buggy. That the summer heat was insufferable. All those years vacationing nearby and I never visited this place I’ve since discovered I love.

It’s like when I was in college and I lived across from Grove Street Cemetery. Four years and I never set foot in the place. It was supposed to be beautiful, historic. But a girl had been killed there my freshman year. There were stories of rape and drugs.  I never dared visit – I was scared off by the warnings.

So I’m walking around Gordon Pond, coming out from the trees, over the last dune, out to the ocean, and I am wondering: what if caution just tempered curiosity instead of crushing it? Where might I have gone sooner? Where might I yet go?

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