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Steps: Out Of/Back/Into

We’re a week into January and I am not on pace. I feel like I’m a step behind the marching band, or still trying to get between the ropes in Double Dutch, or have my feet tangled in the sheets as I rise from the bed.

Just not into the post-holiday, new-year rhythm yet. Not quite there.

I knew it was bad when I bounded up the stairs the other day, intent on catching the warming sun for a second walk of the day and realized I’d never put on my Up pedometer in the morning. All those steps uncounted. As if they didn’t exist.

Now, you know I’ve been keeping track. I have worn that blessed thing everywhere. But not that day. And then the next, yesterday, I spent flat on my back, wiped out — again! — by a bug whose tenacity and congestion have been unparalleled. Barely moved.

See? Not on my game. Literally out of step.

Trying to focus, I took a step back. I thought about what makes me feel in step, what makes me feel well. Thought about everything we know about the interplay of immunity and well-being. Thought about all the practices that weren’t [yet] back in my day. Thought: you really need to do something about that.

This morning I woke a little less foggy, a little less lumpy. I thought: take another step back – go back to things that worked for you. Recidivism is only bad in a criminal context…

Aspara of Angkor Wat – my muses: both in step and mindful.

And so I clicked through on the “today’s your last chance” email offer,  re-upped with Headspace and settled in for a good, old-fashioned guided meditation. Minutes later I could feel my breath evening, my neck softening, my inner gyroscope recalibrating.

I rose with a spring in my step.


2 thoughts on “Steps: Out Of/Back/Into

  1. Right there with you, the new year has brought both productive, busy happy days and snuggly, quiet, reflective, rejuvenating happy days. Today? Super soul.tv and me 🙂 yesterday? I entertained Oprah’s Shoes (arrived on Thursday) by taking them along on my scheduled meetings – it was kind a like bringing Happy to a meeting. super fun – both kinds of happy days.


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