Mix and Match

Q: What do riding in a police cruiser and board governance have in common?

A: I don’t recall, I just remember the question.

When V. asked me about my police ride-along some years ago,  her question made perfect sense to me, non sequitur notwithstanding. It made sense because it invited a coupling, appealed to my penchant for metaphor. It posed a challenge to find a connection where I hadn’t thought to see one. I can always count on V. for that.rose wire

No surprise: I was sorry to see analogies disappear from the SATs. They were always my favorite part. I liked puzzling over how red is to firetruck as blue is to anything.

Simile, analogy, metaphor – whatever – the form doesn’t matter, the affirmation of  interaction does. It’s this finding of relationships that I enjoy so much. So much that I’m trying to find meaningful ways to bring more of it into my everyday.

  • Taking advantage of the randomness of my walks, I’ve started to ask myself, “How is this-thing-I’ve-been-pondering connected to this thing-to-my-right?” How is promoting a blog like a county bus?
  • I’m culling my own learning for cross-fertilization. What do writing and Zumba share?
  • I’ve got a lovely stone box I think I might fill with scraps of paper scribbled with words and terms that strike my fancy. Pick two and see where it takes me. What is the relationship between peppermint and possibility?

But it’s not just the relationships I seek. I yearn for beauty in their expression. The elegant turn of phrase. The transformation of an ordinary idea into an extraordinary image.

I want more of that as well. I’m working on both.


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