Life Lessons

Unwitting Teachers and Images That Instruct

Some time ago, I promised to post pictures of my trip to Southeast Asia. I’ve spent the last three days trying to take advantage of a seasonal sale on hardcover photo books. I’ve been up to my proverbial eyeballs in those images of late and I’m actually a little tired of them at this point.

Nonetheless, on the wall above my desk, along with the watercolors and map, are a few of the pictures that I find I want to keep looking at. Not in a Fabulous Photography kind of way, just in quiet They Speak to Me kind of way.

They remind me of things I want to remember.

That’s not what I’m posting today.

Today, I am drawn to a handful of pictures from Viet Nam that tell stories from perhaps unwitting teachers. People whose lives offered lessons worth learning. These are the real gems of the trip.

[Click images for captions.]

Life Lesson #21 Revisited (Corollary): Get in front of the greatest teachers — and great teachers show up in unexpected places.



3 thoughts on “Unwitting Teachers and Images That Instruct

  1. Nice job picking photos with the essence of your experience and taking us along for the life lessons. I know you have…well, a ton of pictures and experiences, you did the trip justice. 🙂 a HAPPY weekend to you & yours


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