Curiosity Journal

Curiosity Journal #4 – Transformative Power

Gradually I’m moving toward that possible radio show. This week I’ll submit my application; next week I’ll start my on-air broadcast training.

One feature I’m particularly excited about in my proposal is inviting others to submit their own “curiosity journals” for broadcast on the show. I love the idea of getting others to put their toes into these waters, to come explore alongside me.

Keep your fingers crossed – approval and getting on air are still a long way off…

Listen to Curiosity Journal #4 – Transformative Power. [2 minutes]

Transcript: When I was researching curiosity last year, the most entertaining thing I came across was the Boring Conference. No question. A whole conference dedicated to things like studying teaspoons and tie collections. What a riot!

The basic idea is the more you look at something, the more interesting it gets. It’s called the transformative power of attention. 

I have to say: I buy it.

And I want to bring more of it into my day…So I’m trying to train myself to think more about whatever  I’m looking at –say, a pine cone I’ve just picked up. 

Some things I need an expert source for, like the tree name…but there’s an awful lot that I can figure out if I’m just CURIOUS about it.

Is my little pine cone open or shut (I’ve learned that’s the result of how wet things are — ever notice that??)? 

Are the scales smooth? Are they spiky? Are there other pine cones around — do they all look the same or different? How does it smell? How does it taste?  Well, maybe I won’t do that.

Where’s the source tree? Are there a lot of them? How do they grow? 

Are they big and tall?  Fat and squat? 

Does it look like squirrels or something else has been munching away? If not, why not?

How does the bark feel? What do the needles smell like? Is this the kind of tree that oozes sap all over everything?

Suddenly, without knowing much about my pine cone, I know a lot about my pine cone. I’m starting to like my pine cone.  

Let’s hear it for that transformative power….


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