Life Lessons

Why I Love This Picture


This photograph is one of my favorites from Viet Nam. I keep it where I can see it.

I love the statue’s artistry and expression — and the calm they elicit in me. I loved the temple where I found it — and the Vespa ride that got me there. I love the ugly calendar next to that beautiful head.

Wait, what?

Look closely. There it is: “Monday” right over his left ear, just a hint of the secular on the wall behind him.

But Buddha doesn’t mind. Buddha rests easy, even with the work week looming over him.

To be honest, I wished that calendar wasn’t there when I took this picture. I thought it detracted from the image.

But now I look at it and I see beauty anyway. I see a sneaky little reminder that things don’t have to be perfect to be quite lovely.

Life Lesson #35: We see what we want to see.


6 thoughts on “Why I Love This Picture

      1. Happy accident some call it. I had a photo insturctor who taught me to see everything and make the background something that you want in the photo so the eye looks at the focus but boings back & forth to something unforgettable also in the frame.

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