Back Story

West of the Moon, East of the Sun

I’m like a woman possessed. With a plan in hand and about ten irons in the fire, things are definitely heating up. My days are full of reading, note taking, Post-it making. My walls are covered with stickies. My mind, with even more.

As I felt around for something to grab me, N. reminded me of Tolkien’s line,

All those who wander are not lost.

So I poked about, reassuring myself I wasn’t lost, exactly, just not on a known path. My plan: to get a plan.

And then this curiosity bug bit me and suddenly I’m mocking up a web site, prepping a workshop, pitching a TEDx talk and a radio show, and thinking forget wander/lost, this is wonder-lust!

I’m reminded of another passage from Tolkien, less often reprised, that captured my imagination back at 17…east west

Still round the corner there may wait,

A new road or a secret gate:

And though I oft have passed them by,

A day will come at last when I

Shall take the hidden paths that run

West of the Moon, East of the Sun.





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