Life Lessons

Swimming in the Confluence

Rivulets wiggle along, joining others in liquid delight, mingling, swelling, forming a babbling synergistic brook. Sometimes, it feels like all roads lead you to the same place — the Rome of your life, at least for a time. Yesterday was such a day.

My newest favorite broadcast/podcast The Big Listen featured Manoush Zomorodi on performance artist Marina Abramovic’s efforts to create more fully present concert audiences through intentional immersion pre-performance… A news report out of  neuroscience revealed researchers have identified neural pathways that react almost exclusively to the sound of music… A casual note on my calendar about an upcoming concert prompted me to check a website, where another casual note promoted a (free!) presentation by the pianist, offered in just an hour from that very moment…

And so not once but twice in the space of a day, I found myself in a church hall filled with plaster dust and retirees, fully present for Michael Brown, a decidedly undusty pianist and composer of 29.

Mendelssohn’s preludes and fugues, a bit of Bernstein and some of Brown, a closing piece by Ravel all washed over me. I paddled in the churn, feeling the cool spots, sensing the depths. Floating. My eyes closed, I rode the swells, followed the twisting currents, grateful the rivulets had led me there.

Life Lesson #36: When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher. – Ezra Bayda



4 thoughts on “Swimming in the Confluence

  1. I could just about hear the music!
    Such a wonderful reminder about mindfulness, and the possibility of finding life’s cherished and challenging moments in the most obscure places…if we just pay attention.

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    1. Indeed! I actually don’t think of myself as someone who listens to a lot of music – days, even weeks, will go by between radio or earbud moments. But the research has got me thinking….and as I look back at posts, I almost always have some insight coming out of a listening experience. *There* is a life lesson if ever there were one!


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