Over lunch the other day a friend asked if curiosity is ever inappropriate. It’s a good question, and I’ve been puzzling over it and questions in general. Is there such thing as a bad question? How do we set ourselves up to really hear answers, whatever the question?

Listen to Curiosity Journal #5 – Questions and Pauses  [2 minutes]

Transcript: My on-air broadcasting class has begun and I’ve had my first introduction to the production booth – which has gotten me thinking about my very rudimentary audio blogs so far…It feels like time to look at them with a curious eye.

I’m avoiding calling it a “critical eye” because the moment I say or think that I can feel the tingle up my spine and my neck stiffens and I get into this defensive mode  — and I haven’t even done or said anything yet!

So: its a “curious eye”.

I’m not just looking at my own work, I’ve started to listen to podcasts and radio differently. What about that segment really caught my attention? What resonated – and how did they ensure it would? What’s their rhythm? How do they use music? How do pauses work?

Ah – pauses. You need that break – that stillness – to absorb what you just heard, reflect, let something sink it. What’s a good pause? What makes a pause pregnant?

I’m asking myself endless questions, all the time — walking down the street and there I was:

I’m trying to think about how to turn curiosity in on itself with my audio blog….and while I have this thought I want to capture it.  I’m thinking about that it’s not about just that you ask questions, but the questions that you ask, and also that you don’t ask questions that are yes or no — like, do I like that? yes or no — but what is it about that that does what I hoped it would? Or, what is it about that that doesn’t do what I hoped it would? That’s what I don’t want to lose.


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