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Seeing Yourself, For Real

Every vision has that moment in which concept moves to concrete; in which you can truly see its future. Sometimes, what you see is that it isn’t going to happen. But sometimes that thing you’ve been eying, that idea around whose edges you’ve been feeling your way, that hazy, crazy thing suddenly snaps into focus and you can see it, for real.

I had one of those moments this week.

It was the final class in on-air broadcasting. We’d been familiarizing ourselves in equal parts with FCC regulations and the broadcast console, taking turns at testing sound levels, prepping auxiliary sources, making smooth transitions, getting the call letters straight. Me, and the guys — all of them old hands, many half my age. It was my turn to do a mock show — eight minutes of me, the mic and….air.  I didn’t have a script, didn’t have preselected music, didn’t really have an idea about how I would enter into all that airspace. But I had a clip, good-natured classmates and a supportive instructor, so in I went.

I tested the mics and set the levels. I prepped the auxiliary track. I cued us up. I managed friendly banter with B., and a not-too-shabby segue to my clip. And it all worked. And it was all fun.  And I thought: wow.

I pulled the headphones off to friendly applause, flushed with the realization that I can do this. That this hypothetical can become actual in a not so unthinkable way. That even if the station doesn’t pick up my show, I can make a credible podcast, anyway.

That I can see myself doing this. booth


Note of Appreciation:  I can see myself on the radio — something I could not have imagined saying not so long ago — thanks to the good folks at WERA- LP Arlington, 96.7 FM ( WERA’s  mission is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain Arlington’s diverse community by promoting and facilitating independent radio. They’re making the mission real by training up fresh voices and old pros alike to be part of their newly-launched low power FM station. It’s a brave, wild, wonderful effort and I’m thrilled to have connected with it in even this little way.  Check ’em out online, on Facebook or Twitter.


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