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Things That Make Me Smile

sunlight monringA most fabulous sun-shiny day. Too nice to spend crafting a post, no matter how eloquent I was hoping it might be.  Today is a day for smiles – and two little gems came over the transom to induce just that…

First, the incomparable Emma Pierson is at it again, this time with her Sunset Nerd algorithm, ensuring that even when we’re not outside in the wonderfulness of the weather, someone is looking out for those sunsets on our behalf.  She writes:

I need to apologize to my own algorithm:

When you told me there was a beautiful sunset outside, I laughed at you. “Stupid computer!” I thought. “It’s raining.” Before fixing you, I went outside to make sure you were wrong.

You were not wrong. The rain had cleared. The clouds were incandescent. You are only an algorithm, but today you were more attuned to beauty than I was. Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I’m not sure I’ve ever had my expectations so thoroughly upended by computer code before.

…er, and to any humans who might be reading this: if you’d like beautiful sunset notifications, you can:

1. Follow on Twitter, or
2. Check the website:, or
3. Send a text (from your phone) to containing the name of the city you would like to sign up in. Possible city names are Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Message me if you have any problems. Keep in mind that WHEN YOU GET THE NOTIFICATION YOU HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE QUICKLY. Sunsets, like human lives, are precious finite things.

I love it when beauty and geekdom gang up on us…

And speaking of precious finite things, albeit at the other end of the day: KarmaTube  delivered a lovely moment to my mailbox.  I know, I know: the whole musicians-in-public-spaces thing is a little tired, but I defy you to resist this morning salutation.  Listen, and smile.

Life Lesson #38: Look for the smiles. You’ll find them.


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