#Fittestever, Life Lessons, Making a List

#fittestever, A Live Report

A day before the birthday and the morning after the party at which the question inevitably came, this seems a good time to come clean:

So, are you your fittest ever???

Um, no.

But it does depend on how you count. (And for those of you new to this thread, a little context: in a moment of inexplicably unbridled enthusiasm at the end of September, I declared before a group of 40+ witnesses that I wanted to be my fittest ever by the time I turned 55…which would be tomorrow. What was I thinking?)

On an overall, total fitness, strength-endurance-flexibility measure, I’m not there. Not even close. But. But.

walking shoesThe morning after my spontaneous declaration, I went to a Zumba class, thinking “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and, because I’m that kind of girl, I took the metaphor to its natural extreme and decided I would make the forthcoming six months a journey of a thousand miles: 5.5 miles a day, every day, until that 55th birthday.

And that? That, I did.

As of this morning, with still a day to go and lacking a few that never got logged for one reason or another, I can–with confidence and authority–say I have walked 1,086+ miles in the last six months.

Lessons Learned? Plenty…

  • A digital tracker’s accountability and encouragement work. Embarrassingly.
  • There are a lot of Little Free Libraries in this county. I should know, I visited most of them. Having  destinations helps.
  • Fitness and walking buddies are the best. You know who you are – thank you!
  • Rain isn’t as bad as you think, but wind might be.
  • Wild, spur-of-the-moment goals are totally worth it, even if you don’t hit them.
  • It’s a beautiful world out there.

Where next?


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