Competence Ain’t Mastery, And That’s Just Fine

I mean my credentials no disrespect, but the fact I got my Audio Production Studio certification this week is a long way from me actually knowing my way around that equipment.

The learning curve has been steep and mostly navigated in a foreign language. I’m still trying to understand amplitude, gain and hertz in some order beyond alphabetical. I’ve got the concepts down, but it sure ain’t mastery.

But what a great place to be a newbie. A. and I spent five and half hours last Friday on location recording cool sounds. On Tuesday, he engineered me through my very first interview. Editing happens Monday when, thankfully, he’ll be back. Last night, J. and K. began my Pro Tools tutorial in earnest. I’ll get there.

I’m finding tremendous freedom in being so thoroughly on the ascendent side of that learning curve. There’s nowhere to go but up – and that feels fine.

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