An E Pluribus Unum Deck

Here is my hope: that once he’s done exposing every ugly fissure there is in the American bed rock, we do something constructive with the mess. That Donald Trump does not succeed in splintering us into a thousand sharp and angry shards. That the molten heat forges something new, something stronger.

That we stop playing cards.

I’m tired of the cards. The woman card. Pretending there isn’t a man card. Or that the game doesn’t favor the house. Stacking the deck. Dealing from its bottom. The joker always being wild. I’m tired of it.

I want a deck that makes me feel good about playing. A deck that celebrates cohesion. I want to play Fifty-Two Pick Up and lift all cards.

I want an e pluribus unum deck.

I remember my 5th grade Latin lesson on e pluribus unum and the powerful feeling it evoked in me. I’d been raised in the cradles of American liberty — Boston, Philadelphia — but that class might have been the first time the enormity of the revolution’s ambition really hit me. One from many!

I want that deck.

So I made one. Two thousand photos and a $1 App. Gratification, priceless.cards


4 thoughts on “An E Pluribus Unum Deck

  1. I love this, Lynn! Your cards are wonderful and the image of lifting all cards makes me smile in the midst of such political uncertainty and nastiness. And the man card – ever present but invisible. Thanks for sharing your insights.



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