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Choose to be Curious

Regular readers know I’ve been a tab preoccupied with things like amplitude and gain of late. It’s all been in service of some vague and still emerging future, a radio show all about curiosity. My one-woman campaign for people to make an intentional choice to be more curious in their lives and work…

In November it was a wisp of a concept.

In January, the concept made its way to paper.

In February the paper solidified into an application.

In March the application was under consideration.

In April I was in training.

And now it’s May and it’s real.

Choose to be Curious debuted on WERA-LP 96.7 FM yesterday and — it’s fair to say — I’ve been giddy ever since. I see what needs work, but mostly, I see potential. Huge potential – in me, in the show, in getting that conversation going.

I hope you’ll listen and join in!

For those who are interested: my plan is to post a link to each show on the Thursday after the Wednesday broadcasts. No need to like/follow/subscribe via Facebook, Twitter or Mixcloud – although you are welcome to if you like!



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