It might be my personal trifecta, #curiositywalk. Walking + Curiosity + Mindfulness. Simple, elegant. Highly effective.

I’m a shameless promoter, a pusher of what I believe is a restorative addiction. Psst. Over here. Look what I’ve got. Want some?

There’s a short version, suitable for Tweets [112 characters with spaces; so economical]:

Great day for a #curiositywalk.
Go outdoors.
First: Stop. Look. Listen.
Then: Walk. Look. Listen.
What do you notice?

The longer version isn’t much more complicated: The whole point is to get outside and pay attention. With getting out and about – outdoors, and out of our own heads – and looking around with intention and interest, the world opens up. So much to see and learn and wonder about…

What’s going on around me? What’s the weather? How does it feel on my skin? Which way is the wind blowing? Does it always come from that direction? Where has it been? Can I feel it in my hair? In my ears? What does it smell like?

What am I hearing? Which sounds are natural, which man-made? Can I see their sources? Which sound is traveling the furthest? How far has it come? Which sound is lowest? Highest? Sweetest? What stories do all those sounds tell?

Where are all the red things? The blue? Is yellow well represented? Where? Why?

Who do I see around me? Where are they going? Do they look happy? Sad? Contemplative? Lost? Do I recognize any of them? If we were to talk, what would I like to  learn from them?

What else is around me? Why is that there? What purpose does it serve? Has it been there long? What’s new? Where does that lead? Where else might I like to go?

Look up.

Look left. Look right.

Stop looking at your shoes. Start looking to the horizon.

Turn around and look at where you’ve been. Look from a different perspective; with fresh eyes.

Walk. Look. Listen. What do you notice?

(Are all those links too distracting? I added them, then wondered. Think of them as  curiosity opportunities – “an invitation to revisit,” as Howard Gardner would put it, to dig into something old or seemingly familiar in a new way. A beckoning gesture, an opening, a chance to wander down alleyways and into new territory.)

Walk on!

Painted in Waterlogue



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