Back Story

How I Came to Be Drawing on the Right Side of My Brain

Another fabulous June day, another chance to hang with my new tribe.

Gathered in a picnic pavilion and bonding over burgers and waaay too many cookies, fellow community media fans and I traded stories of how we’d found our way to that rarefied space.  I recounted the now familiar: I heard a presentation, that inspired me to give one of my own, after which I learned about the station, whence I was trained, and from which have emerged 1,2,3 shows (#4, up this week!).

Everyone had a wonderful, circuitous route to share. It made for a good afternoon.

This evening, at home, alone, I picked up my personal thread:…1,2,3 shows…and as I work on more, I read a lot, which led me (back) to Dan Pink, who wrote about Betty Edwards, who paved the way for a whole lot of people to give themselves permission to pick up pencils…

Which is how I came to be drawing on my right brain, capturing my left hand, thinking: it’s as good a place to start as any…




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