Re-entry was rough.

I’m glad it took me several hours to resort to the radio. It delayed the onslaught, extended my blissful ignorance, postponed the moment I learned of what an awful week had transpired in “civilization” while I was away.

As I drove through the mountains of Pennsylvania, making my way south and toward home, I felt overwhelmed by our collective and stunning inability to get past color. The irony of a week spent snapping what I thought were beautiful images in black and white — where the rich spectrum of variations between the two, their interplay and utter co-dependence, is the whole point — hung heavy around me.

These images feel like balm on a weary wound. I find myself all the more grateful for the opportunity to have been in place where black and white was green all over, not red with blood and fury.


4 thoughts on “Black and White and Green All Over

  1. Beautiful…in every way.

    I was having dinner a few months back with 2 incredibly dear friends, one a CEO of an NPO, the other a 3 time Grammy nominee; both are extremely talented and inspiringly committed to their purpose – both happen to be black. We had such fun; catching up, exploring the topic of spirituality, then religion, then racism. I was expressing my relief in how much things have changed. They both looked at me, then at each other, then they told me the truth. They opened my eyes with experiences they have had in small towns in Texas. Explained that black teens learning to drive must be taught how to “comply” during a routine traffic stop. My eyes were opened, my heart cracked open…I was embarrassed that in my own little world I had forgotten. This is another reminder. Yes, we have come so far, but we need to keep moving towards seeing each other as one race; the Human race.


    1. I grew up in a racially diverse, deeply integrated neighborhood. Even with all that experience. And connection, I am constantly reminded how little I really know about what it is to drive/shop/walk/etc while black.


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