Choose to be Curious, Life Lessons

5-5-5: my new favorite thing

Thanks to my most recent “Choose to be Curious” conversation, I find myself using Jenn Seiff’s  5-5-5 technique all the time.

Bored at the traffic light? Distracted in the market? Relaxing on the dock?  5-5-5. What are the first five things you see? The first five things you hear? The first five things you can feel?

Dappled sunlight. Painted toe nails. Birds on a wire. Kids at the curb. Dog on a leash. Wind. Laughter. Airplanes. My own breathing. A hiccup. Sun on my face. Wind in my hair. Hands on the wheel. Feet on the floor. Beat of my heart.

It’s grounding. Deeply grounding. Brings you back to the moment, to the essential, to the now. My new favorite way to be quickly, quietly, wonderfully curious.

Listen to Choose to be Curious – Episode 8: Curiosity, Body Awareness and Yoga.


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