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U, Again

We straggled in, some familiar faces, some new, each finding coffee or the restrooms according to need. The conference room was familiar, comfortable. I settled into my seat, watching Kelvy move quietly at the board, and felt the rush — a sweet mix of nostalgia and new adventure.visual-final


One member of the Coaching Circle was puzzled about why I would be participating again. Didn’t I feel I had learned anything before? Why commit to all the coursework and readings for another year?  (I confess: I had been wondering the same thing as I struggled to catch up and align my week with the Thursday content releases.)

“It’s such rich and potent stuff. Once around isn’t enough to master these skills. Besides, I love the people,” I replied, gazing fondly at the grainy faces on my laptop screen.

Six people, four time zones, two continents. One big conversation. It was great to be back.


Sitting at lunch with a friend, I centered myself in the chair, focusing my entire being across the table. I quieted my head, opened my heart and listened deeply.

Heading home through the afternoon’s drizzle, I felt the combined effects of hard work and high reward. Listening well takes effort, but –oh– the effect! 


For a second year, I am enrolled in U.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future, a course offered by Otto Scharmer and his team at the  Presencing Institute.

I’ve yet to craft a good elevator speech for this undertaking. How to distill a course dedicated to changing the world, one person at a time? Last year it went by “Transforming Business, Society and Self” – a title that grabbed me by the collar and sat me down, hard. I credit Theory U with giving me the conceptual, supportive shove I needed to launch myself into radio…among other things. 

I’ve written about the course here  and here , and a bunch of other places as well. It permeates. Dip a toe in here. You’ll see.


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