Life Lessons, Making a List

Our Better Selves: A Daily Celebration

So, you may have noticed I’ve been feeling very torn lately — divided between the hopeful, life-affirming journey that is Theory U and ULab, and the ghastly train wreck that is this election.

At the start of the month, overwhelmed by whatever the latest election ugliness was, and the Philippine president’s self-identification with Adolf Hitler, complete with a declaration that he wanted to kill all the drug addicts — and something else similarly awful — I did what I always do when the going gets tough. I walked out the door.

Walking won’t cure the world’s ills, but it does markedly increase my resiliency in facing them.

Walking through the woods nearby, replenished by the loveliness around me, I made myself a promise: I would capture an image a day of something that made me smile, something that spoke to our better selves.

A few minutes later, I came upon a charming Little Free Library (you know I’m a sucker for these things) decorated to be a “Mini Me” of its steward’s home.

It made me smile. 

It housed a rain-stained invitation to take lots of books because “I have too many.” It was a perfect example of the little gestures we can — and do — make toward one another that reveal our better nature. I took a picture. Two, actually.

I kept the practice up for about ten days. It did me a world of good.

Every day I consciously looked for inspiration around me. It was a powerful example of confirmation bias: I looked for evidence of the good in people…and I found it. It didn’t make the other ugliness go away, but it pushed back in a way that was, for me, meaningful.

The images aren’t gorgeous, the gestures not elaborate, but the overall effect was tremendous. Here is a sampling…  #smile #restoringfaith #randomacts


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