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Anniversary Celebration

Today I celebrate a first anniversary and, perhaps more accurately, a birthday. October 30, 2015 was the day I gave my LEAD Talk on curiosity — and the first time I ever heard of Arlington’s community radio station.

Much of what now constitutes my typical day wasn’t even on my radar a year ago. ‘Round about this time, this day, last year, I would have finished my usual morning walk (having committed to those thousand miles, you know) and headed for the shower. Later that morning I would catch up on email, read the paper and go through a rehearsal or two to take the edge off my nerves. The day was unseasonably warm and my walk to the Central Library was sun-drenched. I arrived sweaty.

I left exhilarated. The talk was a roaring success – fun for me, well-received by the crowd, a genuinely new idea worth further consideration. My pockets bulged with business cards pressed into my hands by people eager to hear more. My calendar included a community media information meeting in the following week. I felt energized and alive in ways I couldn’t quite describe. Something was shifting…

In ULab’s live session this week we focused on crossing the “bottom of the U” and moving to prototypes. This stage of the process is all about embracing “the future that is trying to emerge.” About taking concrete steps to unfold an as-yet-unknown-but-compelling next. About trying, testing and assessing. About listening to the universe.

So, I feel pretty confident the universe has spoken.

One guest wrote to me after our interview that he though I had found my calling. A cousin described my picture in the WETA segment as radiant. Another guest, early on, said simply: “Look at you: you gotta!”

True enough: I gotta. I wake each day with conceptual threads weaving in my head. I keep long lists of conversations I still want to have. My email is a mess of leads and shows in various stages of incubation. My shelves are a tumble of related reading. My Christmas list? Probably Pro Tools apps and some decent headphones.candle

What a difference a year makes. What a difference a leap makes. What a difference.

Happy Birthday to my future me!

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