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Challenging Racism

photo-marty-and-moeWords have pretty much failed me for the last week. I moved inward for reflection and contemplation. Processing.

Today’s “Choose to be Curious” was recorded several weeks ago — before the election — and was timed to coincide with the UN International Tolerance Day (November 16). It feels like a good place to begin regaining my voice.

My profound thanks to Marty Swaim, Monique Brown and the many other people who make Challenging Racism possible.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #15: Curiosity and Challenging Racism – with Marty Swaim and Monique Brown.

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Whatever You Do, Choose to be Curious

pix-whatever-you-doHonestly, I don’t know what to do, other than to do what I know to do.

I can’t bear to rehash it. I can’t listen to the pundits. I can’t dive down the catastrophe rabbit hole. I’m done with speculation.

I’m going back to curiosity.  Or, maybe, I’m going forward to curiosity.

I don’t mean the how could this happen hand-wringing that risks just more confirmation bias. I mean going to a deeper, more sober contemplation of the gaping, ghastly unknowing between world views, our willful ignorance about one another that seems to have both won and lost this race and is our undoing.

How different might this whole process have been had we all been asking ourselves what am I not seeing? What more is there to know?



Choose to be Curious

Everyday Heroics

There were many things to love about this curiosity conversation with Raya Kheirbek, but I think hearing a doctor describe the everyday heroics of the people with whom she works might be my favorite.

This was one of those programs that reminds me how much we can surprise and delight ourselves when we slow down enough to listen deeply…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #14: Narrative Medicine & Curiosity – with Dr. Raya Kheirbek.