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Whatever You Do, Choose to be Curious

pix-whatever-you-doHonestly, I don’t know what to do, other than to do what I know to do.

I can’t bear to rehash it. I can’t listen to the pundits. I can’t dive down the catastrophe rabbit hole. I’m done with speculation.

I’m going back to curiosity.  Or, maybe, I’m going forward to curiosity.

I don’t mean the how could this happen hand-wringing that risks just more confirmation bias. I mean going to a deeper, more sober contemplation of the gaping, ghastly unknowing between world views, our willful ignorance about one another that seems to have both won and lost this race and is our undoing.

How different might this whole process have been had we all been asking ourselves what am I not seeing? What more is there to know?




3 thoughts on “Whatever You Do, Choose to be Curious

  1. what you were not seeing was the superficiality of the election. you really believed this one was about justice and love against evil and hate.

    the funny thing is, the whole election was fascist. trumps rhetoric was all about good vs evil, us vs them. it moves the debate from the cerebral to the brain stem, where fear moves people to act instead of reason. and thats why people feared trump.

    but were the left really different? on the surface, they were like “let love win!” but mostly it was “oh my god if trump gets in it will be the end of the earth.” the same fascist tone of trumps campaign was echoed in the “love” of the left. it was all about fear.

    it still is about fear. you dont get a “politics license” every 4 years to get someone into office, then forget about it until the next time. what you do is you lower your speed, kick on the cruise control, and drive through the next 4 years like it matters what you do.

    trump got in on the fear of the world around us. hillary was going to get in (i believed it was a sure thing) on the fear of trump. if you want political power, rather than to be manipulated by it, you have to be fearless and stand for whats right. fear isnt power, its surrender to a leader. no good leader would ever want that from you, and no good will ever come from it. sure, youre human. eschew the fear as quickly as you can manage, and you will be stronger for it.


    1. Perhaps, but that’s not what I think we didn’t see. I think we thought we knew all of that. What none of us asked of the other was “what makes you feel that way?” Had we done that, and then really attended to what we heard, we might have spared ourselves a good deal of trouble. Like fear, ignorance is not power. So, tell me more… rather than what you think others were thinking or doing, what makes you feel this way?


  2. simply put, im not a party guy– im an issues guy. when you care exclusively about issues and not at all about parties, the last election is one of the emptiest, most nonsensical things in american history.

    people who i think could have advanced america and the state of the world include jill stein, bernie sanders, russ feingold and gary johnson. in the short run, we cant have a third party. in fact, having a third party would probably require either major election reform, or everyone turning off televisions from april through early november each election year. the lobbying is powerful enough to find a clear signal in the results.

    in the long run, not having a third party means that every term, the run becomes less about substance and more about one candidate simply being able to beat the other. that happened this time (though i was sure hillary would get in anyway) and what you saw was a vote divided not between mainstream and 3rd party– but between people who voted for who they wanted (and can now say they did) and people who voted to win, and lost with an inadequate candidate.

    the democratic party wont survive doing things this way, and i for one would be happy to see it lose footing to other parties– but i dont belong to those, either. the republican party also wants to do this, but it will never happen unless both parties fall apart at the same time. perhaps then we can have a vote that counts– but technically, all it would take is people voting on issues and public records, rather than promises and media regurgitation. im not idealistic enough to think it going to happen soon, but i do not contribute to or participate in fake campaigns like the trump/hillary circus we just saw.

    to me, this is not just about voting being something that is honest rather than manipulated, though that should be enough. this is about the deadly and unconstitutional results of voting for fake candidates– unconstitutional laws, illegal wars, and 8 years of excuses and broken promises. the entire point of democracy is accountability– without that, its difficult to say with a straight face that it matters who gets in– it does, in the short run. but we cant survive clinging only to that.


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