Choose to be Curious

Oh, Those Unexpected Allies

handsI’ve been finding hidden treasures a lot lately. It pays to go looking.

Over breakfast and ginger-turmeric tea this morning, N. remarked on my ever-expanding universe. She’s right: I’m in a sort of acquisition mode, or maybe it’s more like intermolecular attraction. I’m spending a lot of time with new people, discovering–and actively pursuing–new connections.

I think of it as the up-side of current circumstances. I’ve become quite intentional about my outreach. As the world seems to be crashing in on itself, I survive by pushing back against the imploding forces.

In December, at a friendly non-partisan if not strictly apolitical gathering, a woman reflected on a lesson she’d learned in her professional work as an evaluator. Don’t underestimate the power of unexpected allies, she advised. We don’t know where our best assets may yet be.

After quoting her in just about every applicable conversation–have you thought about where you might find unexpected allies in this fight?–I thought it was time to hear more from her…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #21: Curiosity & Evaluation – with Carlisle Levine.


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