Thank Goodness for Sesame Street

elena_urioste_ph_tinozzi_023-1280x853Bach, Kodály, Ysaÿe, Kreisler, Halvorsen and a traditional Bulgarian folk tune each washed over us in their turn. The cello and violin playing with and for each other, with and for all of us. The music filled the space, bursting to the ceiling, finding every corner, leaving nothing out. I could imagine it tumbling out the door and down the street, a heady rebuke to the leaden sky.

Elena Urioste and Nicholas Canellakis entered the chilly church hall radiating joy. Their chemistry was lovely, their smiles genuine and warm, their technique exquisite, their playfulness undeniable.

For an hour, two, I was swept up in the incredible beauty of which humans are capable.

For an hour, two, I sat cocooned, entranced, soothed.

The program notes tell me that “as a mere two-year old [Elena] saw an episode of Sesame Street in which the great violinist Itzhak Perlman demonstrated his instrument for Elmo and, according to her parents [whom we met on the way out the door], she was hooked.”

All I can say is: thank goodness for Sesame Street.

Check her out here. Check him out here. They often play with the remarkable Michael Brown, about whom I have written before.

Yup: thank goodness for Sesame Street.






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