Curiosity Journal, Making a List

19 Things I Thought About This Morning

  1. It isn’t raining! …was literally the first thing I thought this morning. I woke to a strange and awesome quiet. Nothing was pounding the roof or lining the windows. After the wettest year ever, this felt like an auspicious start to the new year.
  2. Is 2019 prime? Math nerd that I am, this morning I confirmed it: 2019 is not prime. But! It is so close! Only 1, 3, 673 and 2019 can be divided into 2019 without remainder. I’ve got my eyes on March 6, 7:30 am.
  3. It’s the little things. Like goofy numeric tricks of the calendar and oatmeal perfectly prepared. Like the feel of a favorite sweatshirt, just right around the shoulders, and the scent of wet pine needles and sand.
  4. Buckle your seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I shouldn’t start my day with social media, I just shouldn’t. And we thought the last two years were chaotic…
  5. Do I have a word for the year? One year my word was light. I’m not sure I’ve got one this year, but I find myself gravitating to em’s– and en’s-, as in empower, enliven.  I want my choices in the new year to reflect intention.
  6. Live nude. Don’t get excited, unless you know the source, in which case you already know how wonderful this is. Thinking about a guiding word or concept for the year reminded me of Laura McBride’s lovely essay.
  7. Wade in.  As I waded into the new day it seemed fitting to wade into the Atlantic Ocean as well. Was it cold? Yes, it was cold. How cold, you ask? 46 degrees cold. But it was just cold and just for a moment and I’m glad I did it. See: live nude, empower, enliven.
  8. Do things for the fun of it. Along aforementioned beach only one surf fisherman had taken up his post. Two lines, duly set, one handlebar mustache, nicely turned. What did he hope to catch, I asked. “Anything at all,” he replied with a smile, “I’m just here to fish.”
  9. Talk to strangers. My Choose to be Curious research had turned this nugget up somewhere previously, the importance of cross fertilization, world expansion, novelty. The fisherman’s smile reminded me: get out of your bubble.
  10. Gratitude is good. For much of the last year I recorded three things every morning for which I was grateful. Sometimes the list surprised me. It always warmed me. It was a good practice. I’d like to get back to it.
  11. How many pictures of my kitchen am I willing to take? I like a challenge, and I like taking pictures, but just how many pictures of my kitchen could I commit to? Jason Horowitz’s photography lesson is too tempting not to take. A little confused? Listen in Jan. 9, 10am, Change your point of view, see something new.
  12. Why have I not bought new sneakers lately? Seriously. Given how much I walk? Just buy some damn shoes.
  13. What would migration be like? Watching the birds (snow geese, I think) far overhead, I wondered what traveling so far would feel like. Where’s home? Is seeking more hospitable surroundings an instinct in us all?
  14. Look up. Norton Juster, snow geese, sunshine. They all remind me: look up. I am always rewarded when I do.
  15. My fingers are itchy. I now this about myself: I feel a deep need to make stuff. I crave a project, love a good creative mess. I haven’t made a mess lately. It’s time.
  16. “How might I…?” is one of my favorite curiosity prompts. Might be my Question of the Year.
  17. I do like to write. I miss the regular blogging, and I haven’t figured out how to bring some version of it back into my days. I would like to figure that out.
  18. It all matters. So Laura made my thoughts and list more than once this morning. Not for the first time. Still one of my most favorite passages ever…it all matters.
  19. May 2019 bring out the best in all of us. That’s how I greeted friends on Facebook. I confess, I kinda like it… What would that really look like? Could be nice.

2019 - Heads up, eyes open.