Choose to be Curious

The Montessori Method

“It’s really a misnomer when we say we are educating children. Children are educating themselves.” ~ Chandra Fernando

What if we were to leave learning up to curiosity? Although that’s not the language used, the Montessori Method is built on children’s own exploration and discovery. Education consultant Chandra Fernando joins me for a delightful conversation about curiosity, Maria Montessori, absorbent minds, failure and peace.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #146: The Montessori Method, with Chandra Fernando

Coming July 2021, The Best Weapon for Peace: Maria Montessori, Education, and Children’s Rights, by Erica Moretti.

Here is the “inspiration interview” with Jamie Jirout.

Our theme and other music are by Sean Balick.

I am honored that Choose to be Curious has been selected as the 2021 Best Community Radio Informational Talk Show Series by the Alliance for Community Media’s annual Hometown Media Awards. Please check out other winners and support community media!

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